Friday, July 9, 2010

EDUCATION?? Why are so important .. !!

First Entry .... !!!

Why is education important? Parents know that education is important for a child's success in their life .. Exactly,why is education important? What are the details that make it important?

Increased schooling develops verbal skills,which are important in general and especially in managerial positions ..

Reportedly,college graduates make hundreds percent higher pay than high school graduates ..

Attending college or university helps one perform the day to day tasks of life more effectively such as be a good one,searching for a good investment,finding a new job or working out ..

Education is important because it helps one develop new interests in life that may be entertaining to allow one to enter a new world of occupation ..

Education is important because it leads to more job opportunities and a wider choice of jobs .. Therefore,it is correlated with job satisfaction ..

As a conclusion Why is education important for children? What is the one reason education is important for parents? Because if parents educate themselves regarding their children,they can make choices and determine what is the best for their children ..

no education,no choice! no education means someone else makes the choices for you and your children ...

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